Global Congress on Biotechnology, Biomaterials and Bioscience

August 03, 2023 | Virtual

Submission Guidelines & FAQ'S

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Abstract Submission Guidelines:

We warmly welcome you to submit your abstract and attend the Global Congress on Biotechnology, Biomaterials and Bioscience You can submit your abstract through online at Abstract Submission or you can send as an attachment to this email
Note: All abstracts must be written exclusively in English (including the title, abstract text, author names and affiliations).

When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?

Once you submit the abstract, we will let you know the acceptance in 2-3 working days. If you are not receiving the acknowledgement from conference secretary, please contact at:

May I submit more than one Abstract?

Yes. You may submit more than one abstract and participate in more than one session either in oral or poster session. However, you may not present more than two papers during the same conference.

Do you have any Abstract sample template for submission?

Yes, we have a sample template for abstract submission. Please download at Sample Abstract Template

Presentation Guidelines:

The language of the presentation is English and all presentations should be made in English

Oral Presentation Guidelines:

Your cooperation is appreciated in keeping the meeting on schedule for the benefit of all attendees, so please note the following guidelines:

Presentation Type Total Allotted Time
Plenary Talk 40 min Including Q&A Session
Keynote Talk 30 min Including Q&A Session
Invited Talk 25 min Including Q&A Session

Note: Organizers reserve the right to adjust the talk duration for adjustment in program. In order to stay in track of time, please ensure that you start and end your presentation on the times indicated in the schedule.

Presentation should be submitted in PDF or PPT Format. Be sure your visuals are clear and very legible.

Submit your presentation slides 20 days before the conference and also bring a copy with you on flash drive or storage device to the event.

Please check and make sure that your presentations are working properly before the session starts. The meeting room is equipped with digital projector, screen, laptop, slider with pointer. Taking the timelines and technical set up into consideration, using personal laptops are not recommended unless under unavoidable conditions.

Poster Guidelines:

  • A poster presentation allows you to interact face to face with people interested in your research. Each poster session lasts 2 hours.
  • Poster Dimensions: The display area for each poster on the poster board is 1 m wide by 1 m high. Please follow the guidelines. Check-in at the poster desk THE DAY of your presentation. The presenter must be an author of the poster and a registered attendee.
  • On-site printing is NOT facilitated; it should be done in advance by the presenter.
  • The poster boards will accept pushpins which will be available in the poster hall. Please return the pins at the end of your poster session.
  • Display your material in large print so it may be read from a distance. Print TITLE and AUTHORS in extra-large print across the top of your display. You need to collect your poster by end of the day; we dispose the posters left behind.
  • Best Poster awards will be decided by poster judge and announced at the end of poster session.

Workshop Presentation Guidelines:

Workshop presentations are interactive skills-based discussions that last 60-90 minutes. Workshops must be interactive, and include practical information that participants can bring back to their communities.

Do I get a translator during my presentation?

Translators will not be available during presentations. If you wish you can get your own translator.

Can I bring my own laptop for presentation?

Taking the timelines and technical set up into consideration, using personal laptops are not recommended unless under unavoidable conditions.

Video Recording & Photo Policy:

For promotional purposes, there may be a photographer and video recording taking place during the conference. Speakers who do not wish to be filmed or recorded should advise the session chair/ organizers present at the Registration Desk.

On spot Registration Desk:

On Spot Registrations starts @08:30 AM on at . The exact name of the conference room is published in the final program. During the conference, the registration desk will be opened from 8:30 AM onwards.

At the registration desk you will receive your conference badge, the conference kit, abstract book, conference program.

At the desk conference onsite coordinators will be able to answer your questions at all times.

At the registration desk you will receive vouchers for lunch, please hand your vouchers to the restaurant staff when getting your lunch.


Certificates will be provided during the session or after completion of the session, so please make sure to be present in the hall until the session ends.

E-certificate will be sent through email in 2-3 working days after the completion of the conference.

Name and affiliation on the certificates will be printed on certificates as per our records, for any changes or requests regarding the certification— please contact us before one month of the conference. .

How do I get a receipt for my registration?

You will get the payment receipt from conference secretary within 2 to 3 business days. If you didn’t receive the receipt contact at

When should I arrive at the Conference?

All the participants are requested to attend from beginning of the conference. Many of our delegates might have seen your name in our scientific program and wants to meet you. If this is not possible, we recommend you to arrive at least an hour before the commencement of your speech and preferably during a break in the program.